Unbroken promise

“Our jewels are crafted to create fluidity for they must become a part of the woman and dance with her every movement.”

Nirav Modi

The perfect play of light, movement, and effortless fluidity lie at the heart of every NIRAV MODI creation. The finest diamonds from around the world are brought to life through the minimal use of metals, the right cut, and immaculate setting processes.


Embrace Bangles

Struck by the playfulness of his daughter’s elastic toy bangles, Modi set about to craft diamond bangles with an ‘elasticity’ to embrace any wrist size. The resulting Embrace Bangles with over 700 gold moving parts each are an engineering feat and have become an iconic NIRAV MODI jewelry design.

The emblematic yellow, white and rose Embrace Bangles are available in three sizes: slim, classic and grand. The Embrace Bangles are also available with leopard and zebra prints created by ingenious patterns of coloured diamonds.

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Endless cut®

The result of decade-long research, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled craftsmanship, the Endless cut® is an unbroken line of diamonds like a promise always to be kept. Unlike standard diamond shapes, these patented cuts have calibrated curves and are integrated to display a continuous and ‘endless’ diamond ring.

The Enigma setting style is a key feature that distinguishes the Endless cut® as it conceals the 18K white gold band holding the diamonds.
While most other jewelry utilises clamps and claws, restricting the radiance of diamonds in the process, the Enigma setting ensures that the brilliance of the Endless cut® shines forth uninhibited.


Ainra cut®

Comprising two diamonds that form an ovate link held together by the most delicate metal fastenings, the Ainra cut® is a signature highlight of the brand.

The diamond links that the Ainra cut® forms replace metal links completely and elegantly showcases the essential ‘minimum metal’ look that NIRAV MODI is renowned for.


Mughal® cut

Inspired by Mughal miniature paintings with floral motifs, the Mughal® cut involves precision techniques in which a diamond is perfectly cut to fit the design of a flower petal.

Each Mughal® cut petal is one diamond piece sourced, cut, and polished by us specifically for a NIRAV MODI creation.
A Mughal® cut petal is typically worked on by four different artisans who each specialise in different stages of the cutting and polishing process.