“Beauty does not reside in any one place, object or person. Inspiration comes from so many sources – nature, art, poetry, architecture – and is sometimes found in the most unexpected of places.”

Nirav Modi

The jewelry designs at NIRAV MODI have been inspired from myriad sources. Whether it is the Scheherazade Collection inspired by the legendary Persian queen, the Shalimar diamond ring that embodies the Lotus flower, the Jasmine Collection which creates diamond flowers or the Sunburst Collection that finds its genesis in the Art Deco Movement, every one of our jewels possesses a distinct persona.

Modi, having been brought up in Antwerp and having roots in India, has been deeply influenced by classical and modern art and design. From 16th century paintings by Rubens to Art Noveau architecture to contemporary Indian artists, they have all played their part in making the NIRAV MODI collections an eclectic confluence of Western and Eastern traditions. Regardless of the collection, however, one can expect to be delighted by subtle movements in the jewels that create a fluidity and an exquisite play of light.